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Here’s where you find quick start programming guides for your Metering Pump.
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Here’s where you find exploded view drawings for your Metering pump.
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CAN-GFRPP Series Exploded View
CAN-PVC Series Exploded View
CAN-PVDF Series Exploded View
E90020-22 Exploded View
E90238 TC Injection Valve Exploded View
3/8” PVC/GFRPP FSN Series Exploded View
1/2” PVC/GFRPP FSN Series Exploded View
3/8” PVDF FSN Series Exploded View
1/2” PVDF FSN Series Exploded View

EHE-31/36/46 Exploded View
EHE-56 Exploded View
EHE-HV High Viscosity Exploded View

EZ 11-36 PVC/GFRPP Exploded View
EZ 11–21 VCA/VEA Exploded View
EZ 11-21 VCA-F Exploded View
EZ 11-36 TC/TA Exploded View
EZ 11-36 FC Exploded View

EWN Exploded View Pump Components
B11-C36 PVC/GFRPP Standard Exploded View with HP and MFV
EJB09 VC/VE/VF/VCA/VEA Exploded View
B09/B11/B16/C16/C21 VC-A/VE-A/VC-C/VE-C Exploded View
11-21 VCA-F Exploded View
B11-C36 FC Exploded View
B11-C36 SH/SH-N Exploded View
B11-C36 TC/TA with MFV Exploded View
EWN C31 P6-V/PC-V High Viscosity Exploded View
EWN-EK-EJ11_FC Exploded View

IX Exploded View Drawings
IX-B Drive Control Unit Exploded View
IX-B007TC_TE LE Exploded
IX-B015TC_TE LE Exploded View
IX-B030-45TC_TE LE Exploded View
IX-C060S6N LE Exploded View
IX-C060TCN LE Exploded View
IX-C060TEN LE Exploded View
IX-C150S6N LE Exploded View
IX-C150TCN LE Exploded View
IX-C150TEN LE Exploded View
IX-D150S6N LE Exploded View
IX-D150TCN LE Exploded View
IX-D150TEN LE Exploded View
IX-D300S6N LE Exploded View
IX-D300TCN LE Exploded View
IX-D300TEN LE Exploded View

Pre-July 2015 Metering Pump Exploded Views
EW/EK-11/16/21 PVC/GFRPP
EW/EK Stainless Steel
EZ-11/16/21 PVC/GFRPP

To complete your system, Walchem provides high quality accessories that are required for cooling tower, boiler, potable water, and wastewater applications. All of Walchem’s accessories are carefully designed and selected for compatibility with our pumps and controllers to enable our customers to provide a complete system solution.

The Chemical Compatibility Guide is to be used to help select the most satisfactory combination of materials, however it is only a guide. Service conditions may vary and can affect accuracy of compatibility. Consult the chemical manufacturer for best compatibility.

Chemical Compatibility Guide

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EWN-Y Metering Pump with EFS Flow Sensor
E-Series Metering Pumps

E-Series Metering Pumps

EWN-Y Metering Pump with EFS Flow Sensor