Intuition-6™ Series Water Treatment Controllers

A New Addition to the Intuition Family!
Announcing the release of the Intuition 6™ controller.

Water Treatment Controller with Glands

The Wait is Over!
Walchem is thrilled to announce the release of the Intuition-9™ controller.

Pure Water for the World partners with rural and underserved communities, where there are high incidences of waterborne diseases and a scarcity of aid. They establish comprehensive safe water solutions that include the essential tools and education to serve all community members. Jeff Jean, an Iwaki America employee, volunteered with their organization in Haiti in the Summer of 2021. Enjoy this 2-minute inspiring video!

Walchem has teamed up with Pyxis to bring you the latest technology in measuring tagged polymers. Learn more in this one-minute video!

Outside water Treatment Controllers

In addition to unparalleled versatility for managing your water treatment services, Walchem controllers have proven their durability in the harshest environments. Pictured is our longevity testing area that has seen negative 12° in the winter and over 110° in the summer months in New England. Some of the units pictured have been exposed to these elements since 2013.

Walchem controllers not only provide leading-edge technology, high quality, and superior customer service but do so in the toughest environments.

Pure Water for the World

In a season of giving, Iwaki America and Walchem donated $5,250 to Pure Water for the World. Pictured are Charlene Seward, Treasurer of Pure Water for the World, and John Miersma, President and CEO of Iwaki America. Pure Water for the World is a nonprofit dedicated to improving the health of children and families, living in rural and underserved communities, by providing effective tools and education to establish sustainable safe water, hygiene, and sanitation solutions. They are also a partner with the Association of Water Technologies where Walchem was just awarded their Supplier of the Year Award.

Virtual Input Options

Grab a cup of coffee & join Frank Sposato & Mike Cloutier for a detailed explanation of W900 Series Controller’s Virtual Input Options (including Disturbance Input) & How to Utilize Them in Your Water Treatment Process.

Pyxis Dissolved Oxygen Sensors

Continuing our collaboration with Pyxis Labs, Walchem is pleased to introduce several new sensors that can be paired with our controllers in a variety of new applications.

AWT Supplier of the Year
Walchem was honored as the Supplier of the Year by the Association of Water Technologies (AWT), October 1, 2020.

¿Hablas español? Você fala português?

Walchem has just released Spanish and Portuguese language websites for our customers in Latin America and Europe. Be sure to visit these websites to see our complete line of controladores, bombas and sensores.
Stabilized Bromine

FINALLY! An accurate way to measure, control, and document your stabilized bromine product.

Free bromine sensors don’t work, ORP doesn’t work, Walchem has a sensor that does. Just supply a clean sample of cooling tower water and calibrate to match your normal DPD-4 test. It can be installed the same way as our other membrane-style amperometric disinfection sensor, or the sample can be returned to a pressurized pipe up to 85 PSI.
Walchem Water Treatment Controllers

Controller Software v3.35 Available Now!

Walchem is pleased to announce a new software upgrade for all controllers, available immediately on our website, and also available remotely for any W600 or W900 that is online and running v3.33 or higher. It is important to upgrade to the most recent version to maximize reliability! The upgrade offers several enhancements and also improves the performance of existing features.
Pyxis Handheld Fluorometers

Great for Calibrating Walchem Controllers

When it is time to calibrate your Walchem controller, our SP-600 handheld multimeter is an easy, effective way to measure pH, ORP, temperature, conductivity-TDS-resistivity and free & total chlorine.
EJ Series Pumps

Metering Pump Selection

Did you know that has an automated selector to help you choose the perfect metering pump for your application? Just input your criteria and the Walchem Metering Pump Selector will chose all the available options. The more criteria input, the more refined the results.

Out of Quarantine and into Legionella?

The COVID-19 crisis brought businesses and manufacturing operations around the world to a standstill leaving potable and non-potable building water systems idle. Stagnant water creates the perfect environment for Legionella bacteria growth. Our complete line up of controllers, metering pumps and sensors can address and solve potential legionella issues.
Pyxis Oil in Water

New Pyxis products added to our line!

We’ve expanded our Pyxis product offerings to add new inline fluorometers, handheld meters, parts and accessories:
Oil in Water, Multimeter with DPD Capability, PowerPack Adapters
W900 Series Water Treatment Controller

Remote Access
With access to most manufacturing facilities prohibited and even essential employees limited to exposure within their plants, the need for remote access to critical processes is at an all time high. Walchem W600 & W900 controllers allow the monitoring, alarming and control of critical processes from your computer remotely, 24/7!

Mobile Friendly - Walchem Fluent™ with Controllers

Welcome to Walchem Fluent® the NEW cloud-based, Water Treatment Management Software Tool that amplifies the value of Walchem Controllers.

If you’ve used our VTouch platform in the past, you will be amazed by Walchem Fluent’s new data graphing features, priority dashboard, and alarm escalation. In addition, it is now mobile friendly and includes increased data storage.
Walchem Fluent® is available on every web-enabled Walchem W600 and W900 Series Controller.