Water Treatment Controllers

Water treatment is extensively performed across industrial processes, municipal departments, cooling towers, and boilers, for improving the quality of water. Various types of equipment are used for this purpose and water treatment controllers are one of them. These devices monitor and regulate various aspects of water treatment processes. At Walchem, we have a large assortment of water treatment controllers to choose from and they will help with all of your water treatment needs. Our water treatment controllers are easy to use and come with advanced programming to help with specific requirements. We primarily offer the Intuition and W100 series of water treatment controllers. Through these, we offer reliable and economical ways to control your water treatment applications. They come with several types of sensors and powerful algorithms, graphs, report, and summary emails that makes our water treatment controllers very versatile.

Intuition-9™ Series Water Treatment Controllers


24 Inputs / 12 Outputs


Up to 24 inputs
Up to 12 outputs
Remote Communication

Intuition-6™ Series Water Treatment Controllers


4 Inputs / 6 Outputs


Up to 4 inputs
6 outputs
Remote Communication

W100W Series Water Treatment Controller

W100W Series

1 Input / 3 Outputs

W100W Series

1 sensor input
3 control outputs
Economical wall mount design

Intuition-6™ Cu/Ni Series Water Treatment Controllers

Intuition-6™ Cu/Ni Series

Electroless Cu/Ni Control

Intuition-6™ Cu/Ni Series

Electroless Copper & Nickel Control
with Remote Communication

W900 Series Water Treatment Controller

Discontinued Products


Discontinued Products

Types of Water Treatment Controllers Offered by Walchem

All these controllers are equipped with powerful built-in algorithms and a collection of sensors, which ensure control of metering pumps as well as other accessories in various water treatment applications. Our selection features the following types of water treatment controllers.

  • Intuition – 9™: These controllers feature up to 24 sensor inputs and 12 relay outputs, and has four I/O slots that allow flexibility in adding analog outputs, sensors, and linear polarization resistance (LPR) corrosion sensors.
  • Intuition-6™: These controllers feature up to 4 inputs and 6 relay outputs. The universal sensor input is capable of using contacting conductivity, electrodeless conductivity, pH, ORP or disinfection sensor types. Optionally select a dual analog input board or a combination sensor/analog input board.
  • W100W Series: The controller features one sensor input and three control outputs. It is offered in an economical wall mount design. This entry level water treatment controller helps keep your water treatment program under control.
  • Intuition-6™ Cu/Ni Series: This controller offers powerful control for your etching or electroless plating process. You can use the controller to measure nickel, copper, pH/ORP and conductivity.

Features of Our Water Treatment Controllers

We offer automated process control, data logging and report generation tools, alarms and notifications, ability to integrate with SCADA systems, and remote monitoring in our cooling tower controllers. These controllers can monitor several parameters such as pH, chlorine levels, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, temperature, and so on. Here are some common features of our Intuition series and W100 series water treatment controllers.

  • Our devices are not merely pH controllers or cooling tower conductivity controllers but can monitor and control a lot of other parameters using a variety of sensors.
  • These controllers can be operated in multiple languages and you can choose the language of your preference through a simple setup.
  • They are quite economical and are easy to set up and install. They can be mounted on a wall.
  • Most come with a large touchscreen color display with a user-friendly menu and icon-based programs.
  • It has the Ethernet option for remote access, wherein you can connect via Internet, LAN, BACnet or Modbus/TCP.
  • There are three to twelve relay control outputs depending on the type of controller and a variety of sensors such as amperometric chlorine sensors, conductivity, pH/ORP, and any sensor with a 4-20 mA output.
  • These controllers offer graphing of sensor values and control output status immediately on the screen as well as on a webpage.

Applications of Water Treatment Controllers

Here are some application areas of our controllers.

  • Cooling towers
  • Boilers
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Municipal level water purification programs
  • Industrial water treatment
  • Metal finishing
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Food and beverage
  • Swimming pools, spas, water parks

Walchem is a reliable manufacturer of various types of water treatment controllers that can integrate with your existing systems and devices. These are automated through our software and hence preferred by most of our clients for varied water treatment processes. We ship these controllers around the world, manufacture them in the USA and offer fast turnaround times. We offer custom options as well. If you have any questions regarding our water process controllers, feel free to contact us at 508-429-1110, and we will be happy to assist!