Pyxis SP-350 and SP-380 Handheld Fluorometers

The Pyxis SP-350P and SP-380P are simple to use handheld fluorometers offering direct measurement of fluorescent polymers used in cooling and process water applications. The SP-350P is a single channel fluorometer which measures fluorescent polymer only (0-20ppm) while the SP-380P is a dual channel fluorometer which measures both PTSA (0-300ppb) and fluorescent polymer (0-20ppm).

The Pyxis SP-350 fluorometers measure the concentration of PTSA in a sample and the SP-380 measures both PTSA and Fluorescein.

They have a built-in sample cell for ease of use.

Pyxis Handheld Fluorometers

Key Benefits:

  • Extra color and turbidity parameters measured are used for automatic compensation to eliminate interference.
  • No sample cuvette is needed and variations associated with the cuvette is eliminated
  • Operates using AA batteries for >10,000 measurements per set
  • Single-point (100 ppb) calibration
  • 5 second warm up
  • Low maintenance field fluorometer

Pyxis SP-710 and SP-710B Handheld Multimeters

The Pyxis SP-710 series meters measure more than just fluorophores.

For the SP-710

For the SP-710B

• pH
• Conductivity
• Temperature
• Free and Total Chlorine
• pH
• Conductivity
• Fluorescein
• Temperature

Pyxis SP-600 Handheld Multimeter & Colorimeter

The Pyxis SP-600 is a unique handheld multimeter specifically designed to provide added value and ease of use to the Industrial, Environmental, Commercial and Municipal Water market users. This military grade device is capable of instantly measuring up to 5 key water parameters simultaneously and also offers colorimetric Free & Total DPD Chlorine.

  • Conductivity
  • TDS
  • Resistivity
  • pH
  • ORP
  • Temperature
  • Free DPD Chlorine (0.02-2.2ppm)
  • Total DPD Chlorine (0.02-2.2ppm)

Pyxis SP-800 Handheld Multi-Parameter
Colorimeter & Turbidimeter

The Pyxis SP-800 is a multi-parameter and multi-wavelength colorimeter and turbidimeter specifically designed for Municipal, Environmental and Industrial water analysis. The SP-800 uses industry standard colorimetric reagents to measure more than 65 parameters compliant with APHA/USEPA/ISO guidelines.

  • True Turbidity Measurement – White Light / IR LED
  • 7 LED wavelengths and 65+ built-in reagent-based methods
  • Add User Defined Methods via uPyxis APP
  • Bluetooth Enabled for Wireless Data Transfer & Firmware Updates via uPyxis
  • Display a concentration-time profile curve during color development

Pyxis HM-900 Handheld Oil in Water Meter

The Pyxis HM-900 is a handheld portable fluorometer that measures the concentration of multiple oils in water utilizing and LED sourced UV-fluorescence methodology at 365nm wavelength and 410nm excitation.

Typical Applications

  • Heat exchanger leakage detection
  • Oil tank leakage detection
  • Intake water monitoring (UF & RO Feedwater)
  • Reinjection water monitoring
  • Industrial wastewater monitoring
  • Marine discharge monitoring
  • Plant runoff / storm water monitoring