Metering Pump Accessories

A metering pump doses chemicals or other fluids that may require accessories to properly meter the fluid. These pumps are equipped with various types of valves, sensors, flowmeters, and more which ensures their proper functioning. Walchem provides high-quality metering pump accessories that are required for cooling tower, boiler, potable water, and wastewater applications. All of Walchem’s metering pump parts are carefully designed and selected for compatibility with our pumps. This enables us to offer our customers end-to-end solutions. All of these chemical meter pump accessories have their own functions to perform, which together makes the pump function accurately.

Types of Metering Pump Accessories We Offer

The following are a few common chemical metering pump accessories that we offer.

  • Valves: Valves largely control the flow of fluid and prevent backflow among other functions. We offer three types of premium quality valves with a rugged construction. Here are some types of valves required for chemical metering pumps.
    • Anti-syphon/back pressure and pressure relief valves: Made from PVC, PP, PVDF, or SS, these are rugged and have a long operational life. They have spring loaded PTFE faced diaphragms for positive discharge pressure and prevent syphoning.
    • Multi-function valves: As the term implies, these valves come with multiple functionalities. Aside from venting these valves offer anti-syphon, bleed, drain and pressure relief protection.
    • Tri-purpose valves: These are three valves in one. When installed in a single direction, they offer 30 psi of back pressure and anti-syphon protection. When placed in opposite direction, they offer pressure relief.
  • Flow Sensors: Sensors play a big role in measuring the quantity, flowrate, and other factors of chemical feed. We offer three types of sensors with specific features that enhance the measurement accuracy of metering pumps.
  • Posiflow sensor: This sensor provides accurate and non-intrusive flow verification.  With no moving parts in the sensor eliminates any concern of plugging, leaking or jamming of the flow path or sensing mechanism.  Posiflow sends out a signal with every stroke as long as there is liquid pumping against pressure.
  • FCM suction side flow sensor: These sensors ensure flow verification on the suction side of the pumps. This sensor, when used along with a controller, senses if there is a no-flow condition due to air lock or other reasons.
  • EFS flow sensor: This sensor offers real time display and control of the flow rate and dosing of the EWN Y Series pump.
  • Flowmeters: These devices actually measure the flow rate regardless of the chemical properties of the fluid. Our metering pump accessories include these flowmeters.
    • Multi-jet inline: These flowmeters work using the multi-jet principle.
    • Paddlewheel: These are impeller-type insertion flowmeters and are designed for specific pipe sizes.
  • Calibration columns: These columns are made from Polypro, clear PVC, or glass and are calibrated in mm or GPH. They may be sealed or with a removable top.
  • Mounting brackets: We offer wall mountable brackets for E-series metering pumps. We also offer a mounting base for the LK series pump.

How to Choose the Right Accessories for Your Metering Pumps

Here are some pointers that may help you select the accessories suitable for your metering pumps.

  • Most chemical metering pumps operate in harsh environments, and hence it is necessary to choose the proper accessories accordingly. All the accessories must be made of robust materials and have the required chemical compatibility and a wide operating temperature range.
  • Corrosion and chemical resistance is a must for all these accessories. Hence, ensure the chemical resistance, temperature and pressure ranges for which the parts are designed match with your application environment and operational requirements.
  • Go through the product manual for each accessory to ensure compatibility with the metering pump.
  • Depending on the level of accuracy the application requires in terms of dosing and measurement, check options for inline and other flowmeters. Also check if pulsation will affect the product and use the devices to control it if needed.
  • Finalize the accessories only after testing them in terms of size, fit, functionality, and operational efficiency after installing them on the pump.

Applications of Metering Pump Accessories

Here are some application areas of our metering pump parts.

  • Drinking water treatment
  • Wastewater units
  • Chemicals
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Industrial water treatment
  • Cooling towers
  • Boilers

At Walchem, we offer perfect solutions for all metering pump applications including high-end sensors, valves, and other metering pump accessories. You can rely on us in terms of the quality of all our pump accessories and also the turnaround times. If you have any questions regarding Walchem’s dosing pump accessories, need further information, specific series or custom options, feel free to reach us via phone or email. You can write to us at or call us at 508-429-1110 in case you want to share your requirements.