Feed verification has never been better!  The PosiFlow® Sensor will verify that your metering pump is truly moving liquid into the system and has not lost prime.

Posiflow Flow Verification Sensor

Key Benefits:

  • Provides accurate and non-intrusive flow verification.
  • No moving parts in the sensor eliminates any concern of plugging, leaking or jamming of the flow path or sensing mechanism.
  • Sends out a signal with every stroke as long as there is liquid pumping against pressure.
  • EW-Y Series pumps take the PosiFlow signal directly, monitoring the feedback against pump operation.
  • Install PosiFlow® on the discharge side of the metering pump, and connect to the digital input option card in one of the Intuition controllers
    • Supplies a contact closure to the controller every time the metering pump pulses and the sensor detects fluid movement.
    • Controller will send an alarm if the pump should be operating but no flow pulses are received.
    • Controller can also use a programmable volume-per-stroke value to totalize the volume of chemical feed.