Pyxis ST-500 and ST-500SS Inline PTSA Fluorometer

If your water treatment chemical supplier can provide inhibitor with PTSA fluorescent dye in the formulation, the ST-500 makes it easy for our W600 or W900 controller to measure and control the concentration!

Key Benefits:

  • High resistance to color and turbidity interference from sample water
  • Digital communication via Bluetooth to smartphone app for diagnosis and troubleshooting
  • Highly stable and extremely reliable even in harsh application

The Pyxis ST-500 inline fluorometer measures traced chemical residual every 4 seconds with 1% accuracy. Turbidity and color in most cooling tower applications interfere with traditional fluorometer measurements, and lead to significant dosing errors. With the ST-500’s proprietary optical design and sophisticated compensation algorithm, even in water containing up to 150 NTU turbidity and 4 ppm iron, errors can be reduced or eliminated.

The Pyxis ST-500SS inline fluorometer supplies the same performance as the ST-500 in a rugged stainless steel body rated to 2 MPa (290 psi) at 65 C (150 F).

Pyxis ST-525SS Inline Fluorescein Fluorometer

The Pyxis ST-525SS inline fluorometer probe measures the concentration of fluorescence tracer fluorescein in water up to 60 ppb. The stainless steel body of the ST-525SS probe makes it ideally suitable for applications of monitoring boiler feedwater or boiler blowdown after being cooled down to near ambient temperature

In addition to measuring fluorescence, the ST-525SS probe has extra photoelectric components that monitor the color and turbidity of the sample water. This extra feature allows automatic color and turbidity compensation to eliminate interferences common in real-world samples.