Water Treatment Accessories

Water treatment is a crucial process in industries where water is treated with chemicals or contaminated water is released as a byproduct of the process. It is also crucial in water supply departments, wastewater treatment, and more. A water treatment system comprises pumps, controllers, valves, meters, switches, and more. All of these need to be compatible and function in sync with each other. To facilitate effective water treatment, Walchem offers high-quality water treatment accessories that are required in cooling towers, boilers, industrial water purification, and wastewater applications among others. All of Walchem’s accessories are carefully designed and selected for compatibility with our pumps and controllers with which we can offer end-to-end water treatment solutions to our clients. We offer a variety of water treatment plant accessories such as level switches, inline meters, flow control valves, solenoid valves, and more.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Water Treatment Accessories

At Walchem, we cater to requirements of different industry segments for water treatment and purification, and hence offer a variety of water treatment accessories. There are some factors to consider when choosing water treatment accessories. These are largely based on your application requirement and some other parameters. Here are some useful pointers.

  • Flow and pressure requirements: Consider your operating environment as well as the pressure, flow rate, and temperature requirements. Weigh these against the configurations of pumps, valves, filters and membranes.
  • Compatibility with systems and connected devices: The accessories you choose in terms of type, configuration, and brand must be compatible with the existing system and devices. They must also be suitable in terms of the materials used, fitment, electrical and digital settings, temperature resistance, and other parameters. The materials used must be resistant to the required temperature settings and chemicals depending on the requirement.
  • Durability of accessories: Consider robust accessories that can sustain vibration, operate in a wide temperature range, and have a long operational life. Also, these robust accessories must be suitable for a scalable and expanding system.
  • Application requirements: Consider the availability of space, mounting patterns, as well as operating environment are crucial aspects when weighing the accessories against your application requirements. In constrained spaces, consider mounting brackets for metering pumps. Valves are also an important accessory in water treatment systems. Hence, identify the types of valves you require based on their functioning and integration abilities.
  • Maintenance and certifications: Any accessory or device would require periodic maintenance, and this only improves its operational life. One must check the instruction manual for maintenance details. Certification offers credibility to any accessory or product.

At Walchem, we offer robust accessories with specific functionalities that offer a long operational life to the water treatment system, whether for boilers, cooling towers, or any other application. For instance, our PosiFlow sensor ensures the normal functioning of the metering pump. It has no moving parts which ensures longevity and prevents leaks. On the other hand, our ESF flow sensor displays real-time and accurate dosing rate. Our pressure relief valves are suited a for variety of metering pump types.

Applications of Our Water Treatment Accessories

Here are some application areas of our water treatment accessories.

  • Monitoring and controlling water flow rates: Our FCM suction side flow sensors and EFS flow sensors monitor and control the flow rate and dosing. The FCM sensor senses the moving liquid during suction stroke and issues an output for each flow pulse. The EFS flow sensor offers real-time dosing control and display. It has a set point control through which the flow rate can be easily programmed into the pump.
  • Optimizing chemical dosing and injection: Our multi-jet in-line flow meters help optimize dosing even in low water quantities. They have a simple design and offer a wide range of pulse rates depending on the application. They have a pulse output that provides a signal to the controller or metering pump for proportional chemical feed.
  • Assessing process efficiency and performance: There are a lot of our accessories which uplift the efficiency and performance in many ways. Aside from sensors and flow meters, our orifice unions and flow control valves help control the blowdown rate, especially in boiler applications. Our calibration columns help verify the metering pump output.
  • Detecting leaks and abnormal flow patterns: Any changes in flow patterns are detected by our sensors in various ways depending on their type. Our multi-function valves provide anti-syphon, bleed, drain and pressure relief protection.

At Walchem, we offer all the water treatment accessories separately or according to client requirements. You can totally rely on us in terms of their quality and performance. If you require any water treatment accessories with or without controllers or have any relevant questions to ask, feel free to contact us via phone or email.