ST-765SS Series
Inline pH + Oxidizer Sensors

The Pyxis ST-765SS Series are stainless steel multi-parameter membrane-less sensors based on unique electrochemical principles to determine numerous oxidizers including free-residual chlorine and chlorine dioxide plus pH and temperature of water. These sensors incorporate Pyxis’ advanced technology in the field of bare-gold electrochemical detection. Offered in two formats, the ST-765SS-FCL (free-residual chlorine + pH) and the ST-765SS-CLO (chlorine dioxide + pH) can simultaneously compensate for temperature and pH in the measurement of oxidizer based on real-time conditions present in the application of use. This unique internal compensation results in a highly accurate oxidizer measurement consistent with DPD wet chemistry methodology as high as a pH of 9.0+ and is compliant with USEPA – 334.0 and ISO-7393 guidelines.

Pyxis Disinfection Sensors

Key Benefits:

  • Real-Time pH + Oxidizer (0-5ppm) Detection
  • Dual 4-20mA Outputs (Oxidizer + pH) and RS-485 (Modbus RTU)
  • Optional FR-300-PLUS auto-brushing flow reservoir for dirty water applications
  • Integrated RTD & pH Compensation to pH 9.0 of the Oxidizer Value
  • Replaceable EH-765 Reference Electrode Assembly – Simple Maintenance

Typical Applications:

  • Potable water
  • Secondary water supply
  • Industrial water
  • Domestic water
  • Cooling tower water

ST-600 Series
High Concentration Disinfection Sensors

The Pyxis ST-600 Series inline sensors are designed for use in qualitative measurement of real-time mass/mass concentration of Chlorine in Sodium Hypochlorite from manufactured liquid chemical concentrate (bleach) or diluted liquid through electrolysis, as well as in-situ Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) generation. Unlike typical amperometric sensors for disinfection liquids in ppm level, the ST600 Series inline probes directly measure the optical density of the Bleach or Chlorine Dioxide solution in percentage (%) levels without dilution using a UV light source.

ST-600 Series Inline Disinfectant Sensor

Key Benefits:

  • Up to 1 year without calibration
  • Break-through technology measures disinfection liquids from low to high concentration
  • Direct read technology without dilution or reagent.
  • Long maintenance and calibration cycle – 6 months typical.
  • Probe Cleanliness Diagnostics via uPyxis and Modbus
  • Temperature Compensation (RTD) of Oxidant Concentration and Temperature Output Signal

Typical Applications:

  • Hypochlorite Through Electrolysis Generation (ST-604)
  • Chlorine Dioxide Generation (ST-601)
  • Monochloramine Generation Precursor (ST-600)
  • Primary / Secondary Disinfection / Commercial / Institutional
  • Pulp & Paper