Sending VSend off into the Sunset:

Walchem Fluent began including support for a Client API (Application Programming Interface) as of April 2023 and have been testing its functionality with users since. The Fluent Client API will be formally replacing the existing VSend system with a more modern, standard, and secure data transfer method at the end of June 2024. At that time, the VSend server will be shut down, with the goal of increasing data processing speeds and reliability. Any systems using VSend to retrieve data will cease after June 28, 2024. Please transfer any remaining controllers relying on VSend to the Fluent API as soon as possible.

The Fluent API uses an industry-standard REST architecture with JSON data format for ease of implementation. Data sent from the API to your system is encrypted using HTTPS POST.

Walchem Fluent

Features provided by the API are:

  • Subscription to have new data and alarms sent automatically from Fluent whenever they are received from the controller (PUSH). The subscription “PUSH” feature is most like VSend and is the recommended method. It is the fastest and most scalable way to retrieve data.
  • Retrieval of current data record and alarms from a controller upon request (PULL).
  • Access to a temporary LiveConnect link to enable secure controller connection.

Access to API functionality for a specific controller is granted based on the visibility settings for any admin-level user in Fluent.

Any Global Admin user can get started with the API:

1. Log into Walchem Fluent
2. Go to the My Account page
3. Click the CREATE CLIENT API TOKEN button.
4. Save the Client API Token text for use later.
(a string of numbers and letters separated by hyphens)

1. Visit the Fluent Client API documentation page to try and test the API functionality.
2. Click the AUTHORIZE button to login:
– Username: Your Walchem Fluent user email address
– Password: The Client API Token text string you created above

The API endpoints are shown under the Controller, Subscription, and Version headings below on the page.

Once you are comfortable with how to use the API endpoints, you can use the curl examples on the webpage as a model for how to create your own interface to the Walchem Fluent Client API. Please let us know if you run into any difficulties or discover missing functionality.