Paddlewheel Flowmeters

WFP Paddlewheel Flowmeters

  • Impeller-type insertion meters designed for use in pipe sizes from ½” to 6”.
  • High quality jewel bearings provide accurate performance across the entire flow range.
  • Hall effect sensor output can be connected directly to your controller or metering pump.

               • WFP050 ½” Mounting Tee
• WFP075 ¾” Mounting Tee
• WFP100 1″ Mounting Tee
• WFP150 1½” Mounting Tee
• WFP200 2″ Mounting Tee
• WFP300 3″ Saddle
• WFP400 4″ Saddle
• WFP600 6″ Saddle

Water Treatment Products for

Cooling Towers, Boilers, Wastewater, Food & Beverage Disinfection, Environmental

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