Reverse osmosis (RO) systems are used in water treatment industries to remove contaminants from feed water. These systems are among the most effective water filtration systems available. RO membranes must be cleaned regularly to ensure their longevity and efficiency. This cleaning is usually performed using chemical solutions, which are metered to these membranes in precise amounts. Walchem provides metering pumps designed to meet the demanding needs of RO membrane cleaning. Our pumps offer a blend of precision, reliability, durability, and versatility.

RO Membrane CIP

Benefits of Choosing Walchem’s Metering Pumps for RO Membrane Cleaning

There are several metering pumps in the market designed for RO membrane cleaning and other cleaning purposes; however, our pumps stand out owing to the benefits they offer to users. The following benefits help distinguish them from our competitor products.

  • Precise Dosing: This is the key to optimal cleaning of RO membranes. Our pumps are engineered to deliver precise dosing of chemicals, which helps ensure cost-effective cleaning and prevent the overuse of chemicals.
  • Versatility: Our pumps can handle various chemicals, including cleaners, biocides, and antiscalants. This versatility helps users easily accommodate different cleaning protocols.
  • Durability: Walchem’s metering pumps are distinguished by their robust and durable construction. These pumps are tested to overcome the challenges imposed by the chemicals they meter. Their robust construction helps minimize maintenance and downtime, ensuring the RO system cleaning is performed without interruptions.
  • Intelligent Controls: These pumps can easily integrate with your RO membrane cleaning systems. Their advanced control options allow users to adjust the dosing rates based on the membrane cleaning requirements.
  • Environment-friendly Application: These pumps allow precise dosing, which helps reduce chemical waste and will enable users to conduct environmentally responsible RO membrane cleaning. As many water treatment facilities in the US and worldwide are embracing sustainability goals, these pumps help them reduce their ecological footprint in a big way.

Incorporating Walchem’s metering pumps in your RO membrane cleaning operations will help elevate your cleaning efficacy and safeguard your investment. Contact us today to discuss your RO membrane cleaning requirements. After understanding your challenges, our experts will guide you with the solution.