Product Updates

Timer Control Module Discontinued

Walchem/Iwaki America is discontinuing the optional Timer Control Module for the EZB Series metering pumps effective immediately. Slowing sales, shortage of PCB components and the vintage CPU have driven the design of the EZB-Timer control module obsolete and put us in a difficult situation regarding the ability to continue to support this option. We will offer support and sales as best as possible; however, units are extremely limited. We apologize in advance for the short notice.

Chlorine Sensor

New Chlorine Sensor

Available soon, Walchem will offer a lower range free chlorine sensor that is accurate over a wider pH range (pH 4 to 12) than most other amperometric sensors. The new sensor is more accurate than our existing 0-20 ppm model at low concentrations, with a range of 0-2 ppm.

Highlights of Recent New Product Development

Walchem is always looking for ways to improve and make our customers’ lives easier! Here’s a review of some of the best new features.

Corrosion Sensors

Our new LPR corrosion sensor and input board for the W900 product provides readings that are more stable and reliable than the option we had for the WebMaster at less than one-third the cost. The savings are even greater if the application calls for measuring corrosion rate and pitting potential of two metals. Innovative programming allows for automatically ignoring the readings during the initial installation stabilization time and notifying you when it’s time to replace the electrode tips. In addition, the controller automatically tests the circuit every day, and tests the cable connection prior to every measurement, so you don’t need to use a corrosion simulator. Hundreds have been sold over the past year with excellent results.

WiFi for W900

Another popular option has been the WiFi board for the W900 controllers. The dual connection model has been the most popular since its release, allowing customers to connect the controller to a LAN and either cellular modem/sales reps’ phone/tablet, simultaneously. At installation sites where security is of paramount importance, the single connection WiFi board only allows the connection to the LAN and blocks the use of the Ethernet connection completely. Walchem’s unique Temporary Ad-Hoc mode gives the customer the ability to allow a sales rep to connect their phone/tablet on demand or for a limited time.


Whether using Ethernet or WiFi, this building energy management communication option has opened the door to hundreds of additional W900 applications.

In the coming months, we will be releasing a new Ethernet option board for the W600 product, which will have the horsepower required to handle BACnet software! We expect to have the hardware and software available in the first quarter 2020.

AWT Booth - Iwaki America

AWT  | Sept 11 – 14

The annual AWT exhibition was held in Palm Springs, CA last month, and Walchem had an impressive new 20’ x 20’ booth, displaying all of our equipment designed for the cooling tower and boiler water treatment markets. Controllers, metering pumps, and air-operated diaphragm pumps were available for demonstration and discussion to the record-breaking crowds of water doctors.

WEFTEC  | Sept 23 – 27

Iwaki America exhibited at WEFTEC (Water Environment Federation’s Technical Exhibition and Conference) in Chicago a few weeks ago. The exhibition was a great opportunity to meet with current and future customers that are involved in solving the diverse issues for today’s water quality and wastewater management in North America. It provided the IA team the chance to see what others are doing in these fields as well as meet with end-users for their perspective.

W600 and W900 Controllers – Option Board Installation Tech Tip

The controllers can be configured with several different option boards, for example, sensor input, analog input, and analog output. Even in the field you can add/swap boards which is a great feature.

Before you start, you will want to make sure that the option boards and controller are all up-to-date with the latest software version. Please visit the Software/Firmware page on our website to download the latest upgrade file. You can determine the current software version by looking in the Configuration menu/Controller Details. If the Controller Board software is older than the one you downloaded from the website, upgrade the controller to the latest software, first.

Please be sure and always use best practices before swapping boards. The following practices minimize the possible damage to the circuit boards due to improper handling:

  • Keep the boards in the anti-static bag until ready to install.

  • Touch a known ground (metal pipe, etc.) to discharge any static charge on your body before handling the circuit board.

  • Handle the circuit board by the edges only; do not touch any components.

  • Do not slide the circuit boards across any surface.

  • Note the orientation of the part being removed, and install the new part in the same orientation.

Power down the controller, and if the external device that is sending a signal to the controller is powered, then please power that device down also. Next, disconnect all signal wires that are on the controller terminal strip related to the subject option board, then remove the existing option board (if replacing it). Install the replacement option board, terminate your signal wires, and power up the controller (also power up the external device as necessary). Not following this sequence can lead to controller damage.

It’s possible that the option board you’ve installed has older software installed on it. You may see an error message, or the new board may not be detected. The Controller Details menu will display all the boards that are detected as well as their software version. Note that in most cases, the most recent option card software is a lower number than the Controller Board version. To make sure that everything is synchronized, re-run the software upgrade.

3D and Dimensional Drawings Online

The dimensional Controller Autocad drawings page on the distributor website is frequently updated with new W600 and W900 sensor options. Controller 3D drawings, including all W900 sensor options, also are available on the Controller Downloads section of the Walchem website, in STEP file format.

LATAM Training 2019

Walchem held its 7th Seminar for Latin America distributors in Miami, FL, with 32 attendees from 15 countries. This event, held every two years, allowed distributors and Walchem staff to exchange experiences and knowledge that will undoubtedly allow them to better serve customers in the region.

International Shows

AQUATECH | 5-8 Nov 2019
Stand 12.115

Holiday Closures

Iwaki America will be closed in observance of the following holidays:
Veteran’s Day – November 11th
Thanksgiving – November 28th – 29th
Christmas – December 25th