Managing Wastewater Temperature in the Water Treatment Process


Wastewater treatment is an essential facet of modern civilization, safeguarding public health, preserving the environment and ensuring the sustainable use of our water resources. As communities and industries generate vast volumes of wastewater daily, the need for effective treatment becomes increasingly imperative. Amidst the detailed processes of wastewater treatment, one often underestimated and overlooked factor plays a pivotal role: temperature. Temperature holds significant sway over the efficiency and success of wastewater treatment processes, impacting chemical reactions, microbial activity and the overall treatment efficacy. Impact of Temperature on Chemical Reactions Temperature has a profound influence on chemical reactions in wastewater [...]

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The Impact of Chemical Compatibility on Diaphragm Pump Lifespan


In the realm of industrial applications, diaphragm pumps hold significant importance as a reliable and efficient fluid handling solution. These versatile pumps are instrumental in transferring a wide variety of liquids, ranging from viscous to corrosive. One key aspect that plays a crucial role in the performance and longevity of these pumps is chemical compatibility. Understanding the significance of chemical compatibility is vital, as it directly impacts the pump's efficiency, prevents premature wear and damage, and ultimately extends its lifespan. Understanding Chemical Compatibility Chemical compatibility refers to the ability of diaphragm pumps to handle specific fluids without adverse [...]

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Intuition-9™ Support


Walchem’s online support is here to assist you with installation, troubleshooting tips, and training materials. If you need additional support, please click here to locate your local master distributor. Walchem’s master distributors maintain a local inventory of pumps, controllers and spare parts, are fully trained to provide technical support and understand the needs of customers in their territories.

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Reliable and Innovative Solutions


Walchem is a leading manufacturer of online analytical instruments and electronic metering pumps. Our mission is to provide the integration of sensor, pump and electronic technologies for chemical control. We provide innovative solutions by integrating our instruments, sensors, fluid handling and extensive remote data communications technologies.

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