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Walchem Fluent

Watch our video to learn more about Walchem’s new cloud-based software tool that amplifies the value of Walchem controllers.

Key Benefits:

  • Real Time Access to Your Process
  • Mobile Device Friendly
  • Alarm Notification with Escalation
  • Data Graphing and Storage
Mobile Friendly - Walchem Fluent™ with Controllers

A new cloud-based, water treatment management software tool that amplifies the value of Walchem controllers that have Internet access. Simple to set-up and use, Walchem Fluent™ incorporates IoT, Process Automation, Remote Monitoring and Control, and Data Visualization to elevate a user’s ability to perform their job efficiently, effectively, and exceptionally. Walchem Fluent™ will become one of the most valuable resources for managing your water treatment services.

Connect with your Walchem Distributor to get access to all the benefits of Walchem Fluent™.

Customer + Facilities Management
  • Full management of customers and their facilities to access the information you need as quickly as possible
  • Flag priority customers and facilities for quick access to help plan your upcoming work week
Walchem Fluent™ Screenshot

Process Monitoring + Control
  • Anywhere access to customer’s real-time controller data
  • Link directly to LiveConnect to make changes on your controllers remotely
Walchem Fluent™ Screenshot

Data Management + Visualizations
  • Assess key parameters at-a-glance with customizable Dashboard
    • Easy-access to alarms organized by priority levels with acknowledgment features
    • Bookmark customers, facilities and controllers for a user-customized Dashboard experience
  • Visualize recent and historical controller data trends on easy-to-read, interactive graphs
  • Compare graphs across multiple controller channels
  • Access historical data and export your graphs to PDF and CSV file for your reporting needs
Walchem Fluent™ Screenshot

Alarms + Custom Alarm Notifications
  • Manage workflow by notifying workers of triggered alarms
  • Customize the escalation process including first party notified
  • Notify two unique groups of users
  • Manage alarm settings by controller channel
  • Set alarm levels to quickly identify the most critical issues
  • Alarm email summaries
Walchem Fluent™ Screenshot

Team Management
  • Create Admin, Technician, and View-Only user roles
  • Set custom visibility permissions for users so they only see the customers they need to access
Walchem Fluent™ Screenshot

A leap forward in ease of customer setup, customer management and process control, Walchem Fluent™ will become one of the most valuable resources for managing your water treatment services.