pH/ORP Controllers

pH/ORP Controllers





The WPH/WDP400 Series pH/ORP on-line process controllers are designed for a broad range of industrial, commercial, and municipal water treatment applications. WPH/WDP controllers are easily configured to accurately measure pH or mV (ORP) values from Walchem's WEL and WDS differential combination electrodes, or any conventional combination electrode.

  • pH or ORP Measurement
    • Configurable via a software menu setting
    • Reduces inventory requirements

  • Control outputs can be set as high or low set points via keypad. Auxiliary outputs can be set as:
    • High alarm, Low alarm, In-range output, Out-of-range alarm, Probe wash

  • Probe wash feature for applications that require frequent electrode cleaning, automatic probe wash stretches out reliable measurement life between maintenance interruptions

  • 4-20mA Output internally powered and fully isolated, for connection to WebAlert, PLC or other devices

  • Software and electronics are constantly monitored without having to take the controller off-line

  • Auto buffer recognition software selectable for U.S. or European calibration standards

  • Self test menu simulates pH and temperature signals, allowing for quick diagnostics of sensor or controller problems

  • Differential pH
    • Walchem's WEL pH/ORP sensors offer extremely reliable differential measurements immune to any ground loop problems

  • USB Flashstick Support standard for data logs, event/relay and reset logs, and user configuration file import/export

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