Water Controller Accessories – Valves and Orifices Unions

Valves are integral accessories in a water treatment system. Solenoid valves and motorized ball valves are used to control the conductivity of the cooling tower or boiler by draining high conductivity water which allows a float switch to open a makeup (feedwater) valve which adds low conductivity water to the system. Orifice union and flow control valves on the other hand control the flow rate of boiler blowdown and also provide backpressure on the boiler conductivity electrode, which prevents the sample water from flashing to steam, which damages the sensor and prevents accurate readings. These are widely used in cooling tower and boiler applications. We look forward to serving you in any way we can, so please reach out if you have any questions about our water treatment accessories!

Types of Water Treatment Valves and Orifices We Offer

Here are a few types of water controller valves and orifices we offer.

  • Valves: We offer the following types of valves:
    • Solenoid valves: These are electromechanical valves that use a solenoid coil which, when powered, controls the motion of a plunger to open or close the valve. These valves feature epoxy coating and are available in various sizes ranging from ½” to 1″. They can be mounted in any position and open or close based on the coil activation.
    • Motorized ball valves: These are motorized valves that rotate between open and closed position when power is switched between two poles. They do this task without dropping pressure. They help maintain the conductivity set point and regulate flow.
    • Flow control valves: These valves help control the blowdown rate of boilers to prevent flashing across the conductivity probe.. Flow control valves come with a micrometer dial and pointer. This enables the valve to set within 1/100th of a turn of the hand wheel and you can fine-tune the blowdown flow rate.
  • Orifice unions: We offer plates with orifices that regulate the flow of water. They are useful in controlling the blowdown rate of the boiler. Four plates are provided with pre-drilled holes of 1/8″, 3/16″, 1/4″ and 5/16″ diameters.

Applications of Valves and Orifice Unions

Here are some application areas of our water treatment valves and orifices. These are parts of water controllers

  • Cooling towers
  • Boilers

While we have the expertise in making water controllers accessories, sensors, and accessories, it does not come without developing each accessory carefully. Walchem offers all these various valves and flow control orifices independent of the controllers as well as they come assembled with the system. We are absolutely reliable partners when it comes to quality and customization along with fast turnaround times. We strive to offer you the best possible systems and accessories for water treatment applications. If you have any questions regarding Walchem’s water treatment valves and precision orifices, or discuss custom options, feel free to reach us via phone or email at cs@walchem.com or call us at 508-429-1110.