Walchem is pleased to announce a new type of input/output card option for the WCT900 series controllers. Each card provides two Linear Polarization Resistance (LPR) Sensor Inputs to measure or control the corrosion rate and corrosion imbalance (pitting) of two different alloys in the cooling tower.

Corrosion Sensor


  • Reliable 4-wire design
  • Corrosion Rate and Imbalance
  • Dual corrosion sensor input
  • Automatically measures conductivity and compensates for it each cycle
  • Able to set a control delay during the initial stabilization time
  • Automatic electrode replacement reminder
  • Disturbance Control Algorithms that take advantage of the corrosion signal
    – Target PPM mode with Disturbance
    – Adjusts the target PPM higher if corrosion increases
  • On/Off Disturbance mode
    – Adjusts the target PPM higher if corrosion increases

For more information, please contact Walchem at 508-429-1110.
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