ST-730 Series is designed for monitoring the middle range turbidity in various applications. It is more robust and tolerant to fouling, particular matters, and air bubbles comparing to other online turbidity meters designed for relatively clean water applications. The turbidity sensor measures two optical densities and two scattering intensities at two wavelengths. This helps measure a large turbidity range and yet maintain a fine resolution. This design also helps the sensor run self-diagnostics.



  • Dual-wavelength: white LED and IR LED 90° scattering to achieve more reliable and accurate reading in a complex flow system.
  • A small footprint compact design.
  • Isolated 4-20mA output. No need for additional transmitter for easy connection to out controllers.
  • Isolated RS-485 output embedded for easy troubleshooting and calibration.

Aplicações Típicas

  • Industrial water treatment process control, including raw water, cooling water, and wastewater.
  • Surface water monitoring.
  • Other chemical processes with middle range of turbidity.